Fresh Moringa Leaves Are Rich In Calcium

Fresh Moringa Leaves Are Rich In Calcium - Moringa factsCalcium-rich foods have to be a very important part of our diet. Calcium has two important functions in the human body: the building of bones and teeth and regulating certain body processes. Smooth functioning of the heart and nervous system depends on calcium.

Human bones are storing calcium and providing support for our bodies. During the aging process, the body absorbs less and less calcium from our diet, forcing our bodies to take more calcium from our bones. Over time this can cause or contribute to osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Moringa oleifera is an excellent source of Calcium. Moringa leaves contain 4 times the amount of calcium found in milk.

Moringa contains 500 mg of Calcium per 100 g of leaves, while the leaf powder can have about five times more calcium per 100 g.

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